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Welcome to our 6 Specialisms there are available to you and your business from the 1st of October 2017 and beyond.

Indulge us with your requests, and allow us to perfectly achieve your gift requirements for you.

Get in touch and let us begin working our magic for you. Either click here and be directed to our contact us page.

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Personal service is back and most definitely to the highest standard.

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A HUGE Welcome to our website from your very own BowBaskets CEO and the entire team at BowBaskets HQ!

Please enjoy the experience and allow us to assist you with our 6 specialisms.

You are all invited to access one or more of our 6 Specialisms starting today, tell us how we may help you and provide solutions to your business needs.

In January 2018 we will launch the new brand, and the new Website!

We will see the transformation of BowBaskets to Bow Gifts.

As the CEO and Founder I could not be happier to demonstrate our continued growth for our clients, which continues to satisfy their needs and wants in our line of business.

In 3 years BowBaskets has continued to revolutionise their business offerings and how they can be accessed.

We have rocketed from 1 option as BowBaskets, and now proudly boast 6 different specialist services for you.

In Spring 2018 we will proudly launch our New Subscription Service too. Watch this space!

We are the masters of adding emotional value to your business, so come and indulge us with your gift requirements.


Emily Newstead

CEO & Founder of BowBaskets Limited



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